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More from Workshop Participants

“Beth has a vast store of knowledge which she is very generously willing to share. She has great insight into script analysis and interpretation and is able to elicit the best read from everyone she works with. When helping me to create a new demo, she puts me right at ease. I always come away from a session with Beth feeling that I’ve learned so much and I’m really good at what I do.”

- Kathleen Humphrey

“My experience with Beth Chaplin was amazing. She patiently guided me through my first demo from initial script choices, all through my vocal recording sessions and all the way down to the strategic placement of where each spot landed in the final demo order. She does an incredible job of straddling the line between boosting confidence while at the same time offering constructive alternate ways to approach each read. I appreciated every minute of the demo process and highly recommend her as a guide.”

- Steve Brown

“Beth Chaplin is one of my favorite coaches. She gets right to the heart of things in a professional manner yet with a fun and supportive attitude. She helped me create successful commercial and narration voice-over demos, bringing out the very best in me! I highly recommend Beth.”

- Alison Young

“Beth is a wonderful coach! She is able to pull things out of you and lead you to a solution. She really hears you! Beth has been a coach to me for many years and I find her advice and process has helped my voice over career grow and thrive.”

- Shelley Miller

“Beth helped me put together my narrative and commercial VO demos. She waded through tons of copy and helped choose the best material to match my sound and personality. She referred me to an amazing engineer, and coached me through the session. The resulting demos have booked several jobs for me without me having to audition. She really knows what she’s doing.”

- Aimee K. Bryant

“Not only is Beth Chaplin incredibly talented and knowledgeable, but her ability to share what she has learned throughout her artistic career is truly impressive. She honestly loves what she does, and is always willing to learn and grow with our industry, which makes her a powerful and deeply impactful educator. When we were working on my demo, she listened to me, tailored each session to my individual needs, gave me priceless advice about current trends in the industry and how to lean into my unique strengths. When you take a class from Beth Chaplin, you’re signing yourself up for life long lessons that will always ring true.”

- Joetta Wright